Hope Divas

Destination Hope is committed to promoting the art of PositiveLiving™ through humor, support and knowledge for individuals touched by cancer by offering unique and high-quality experiences.


Top Left: Kelley S. McFarland, Dawn Bokar

Bottom Right: Betsy Glosik

Dawn Bokar

Dawn believes that the lemons in life offer important messages and lessons. A born nurturer, she has deep understanding of the highs and lows of being a caregiver to loved ones. In addition to caring for family and friends, Dawn, has spent the last ten years as a hospital volunteer. In both settings, she witnessed time and again how faith and courage shift people’s hearts and their medical outcomes.

After many years as a small business owner, Dawn finally found her passion advocating for others and uses her skills, resources and stories to improve the well-being of others.  Dawn studied Graphic Design and Art History at the University of Akron and obtained an Associate of Arts in Business Management.

Once you start talking to Dawn, it is easy to learn that her favorite four-letter word is HOPE!

Kelley S. McFarland

Kelley does not listen to statistics or percentages but instead listens to her inner light! She is dedicated to teaching others tools to take care of themselves and helping people to manage the constant journey of healing. Kelley is a Survivor of a Chronic Auto-Immune Disease (C.I.D.P.) and currently receives treatment (IVIG) monthly. She passionately believes in determination and a positive attitude and does not let her disease define her!

Kelley graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Cincinnati.
She formerly owned a business for five years.

“There is no ‘normal’ and those of us who understand that are truly blessed!”

Betsy Glosik
Betsy considers her life script to be helping others find purpose and awareness in their own stories. Cancer has been part of her experience as a survivor of breast cancer and melanoma. The careers and curveballs in her life have taught her that while work can really be work, just living can be real work as well. Betsy is passionate about communication issues surrounding a cancer diagnosis and helping others find new pathways to physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

To her, daily servings of humor, yoga and music are essential. Betsy has a Bachelor of Science from Miami University.

“Survivorship” should be more like “surTHRIVORship!”

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